About CommandOps

CommandOps is a player created website for CMANO

Hi, my name is Ron aka Whicker. I created this site to help with writing scenarios for the game Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO).

By day I run a small business where I have learned a fair amount about web stuff - especially the Jekyll static site generator that this site was built with - and of course https://github.com where this site is hosted.

All of the code for this site can be found on GitHub, if you would like to add anything to this feel free to do a pull request, I'd love to have others contribute. Feel free to fork it and build your own version of this as well - especially if I am no longer maintaining it.

Huge credit to georgehedfors.github.io for making the original web based inst tool - his code was not working (I think the API changed) and no one had heard from him so I figured it would be ok if I copied his code and resurrected it here.